Basket Racking & Accessories

Skyjack DC Heavy Duty Pipe Rack

Mounted at the rear of the platform for optimised platform space, the Skyjack DC heavy-duty pipe rack has a rated workload capacity of up to 272kg, ideal for applications where carrying capacity is critical.

Skyjack RT Heavy Duty Pipe Rack

For even heavier duty requirements, we offer the Skyjack RT heavy-duty pipe rack, with a rated workload capacity of up to 390kg and featuring a spool cable holder, it’s ideal for electricians and plumbers working with up to 400mm diameter pipes and 350mm diameter by 150mm wide spools of cable – perfect for HVAC, plumbing and fire sprinkler installations.

Skyjack DC Light Duty Pipe Rack

For less strenuous requirements, we offer the Skyjack DC light-duty pipe rack, available on all SJIII scissor lifts. The light-duty pipe rack fixes to opposite ends of the platform and is intended for carrying pipes/conduit up to a maximum diameter of 40mm. Depending on the scissor lift in use, it offers a rated load capacity of 23 or 45kg.

Skyjack Material Handling Stand

The Skyjack material-handling stand can be used with Skyjack’s full size rough terrain scissors, providing a safe, secure, and productive solution for transportation and material installation. It also doubles up as a pipe rack for large duct pipes or other pipe/ conduit. With its fold down cradle and extendable arms, it can also be used as a sheet stand for boards or panels, making it suitable for cladding applications.

Genie Pipe Cradle

Reduces the risk of fatigue by providing a secure way to lift pipes when working from a Genie scissor lift or even an S or Z boom lift. The pipe cradle assembly mounts easily to the platform guardrails with U-bolts and rests on the floor of the platform when installed. Ideal when working with pipes, sprinkler systems and other plumbing materials.

Genie Panel Cradle

Enables the operator to lift panels up to 250lbs outside of the existing guardrails of the platform. It includes two cradles with hardware, two high-density pads and a load-retaining strap. The cradles can be mounted on the end or side of the platform, increasing productivity. Ideal for installing: window, panel and drywall materials.

JLG Electric Scissor Lift Pipe Rack

Provides a secure carrying place outside of the platform, reducing clutter, optimising available platform space and maintaining overall machine width for travel within confined areas, thanks to its racks that swing inward for storage.

JLG Diesel Scissor Lift Pipe Rack

Conserve platform space and reduce trip hazards by storing materials such as tubing and conduit cable on the outside of the platform. Designed for use on our fleet of JLG diesel scissor lifts, this pipe rack helps keep tools and materials organised and within reach.

JLG Dust Bellows

Protect your machine in hostile environments with boom bellows. Mounted on the lift cylinders, boom bellows help protect lift cylinders from dust, sand and debris and offers added protection against salt-water damage, especially in coastal areas.