Ground Protection

Tyre Covers

The ideal solution for when using rough terrain, diesel driven machinery on sensitive floor surfaces. Tyre covers prevent unwanted black rubber tyre marks on floor surfaces. With a wide range of tyre covers available for hire, MEWP operators can carry out tasks without the worry of marking floors.

Drip Tray (Nappy)

Floor damage caused by oil leaks when using hydraulically operated equipment is always a possibility, no matter how well maintained the equipment. To eliminate potential damage fit a nappy drip tray, a heavy duty polythene sheet that’s attached to the underside of the platform to catch the majority of spills.

Outrigger Pads – Scissor Lifts

Provide effective support to powered access machines that use stabilisers or outrigger feet on terrain where loadbearing capacity is an issue, such as soft ground or sensitive flooring. Without their use, outriggers can puncture the ground or damage paved surfaces causing a serious accident if the equipment topples over. Suitable for use with a number of our scissor lift models.

Spreader Pads - Booms

Modular Interlocking Multi Mat System offers excellent durability and rigidity, reducing the overall pressure being directed at the ground and effectively supporting our boom models detailed below. These pads can be used for a variety of applications either individually or as a complete system.

Outrigger Pads – Trailer Mounts

Similar to our scissor lift outrigger pads above, but specifically for our trailer mounted access machines where the extending legs apply sideways pressure when contacting with the outrigger pad. The 300 x 8mm recess ensures outrigger footers stay in place, reducing the risk of slippage.