Machine Fitted Safety Devices

Skyjack Shroud

Only for use on Skyjack electric and diesel scissor lifts, the Skyjack shroud is a secondary guarding accessory that provides additional protection for the scissor lift operator.

Electrical Bonding for MEWPs

Electrical bonding is a way of reducing the risk of getting an electric shock. Site operators often request electrical bonding on the MEWPs they are to be operating when being used in locations such as sub stations and power stations or near live overhead cables. Our electrical bonding kit consists of the relevant earth cable, pan handle and associated fixings such as 12mm bolts, Nylock nuts and flat and star washers.

Spark Arrestors

A basic but key safety feature for both hazardous areas and lower risk diesel engine applications where a stray spark may cause ignition of combustible material. ATEX approved and designed for installation on the end of the exhaust line for permanent or temporary use applications.

Air Intake Shut Down D Valve

The D Valve automatically closes when airflow exceeds its normal operating volume, It’s the most effective way of preventing a runaway situation. The engine’s air Intake system is completely blocked, cutting off uncontrolled external fuel sources and the air required to keep the engine running.

Air Intake Shut Down SVR Valve

A compact 12V electric air intake shutoff valve with electrical or mechanical actuation that features solenoid, meaning the valve’s sealing element rapidly closes, shutting off intake airflow into the engine. Suitable for Stage 4 engines or if space does allow, the Installation of a D valve.

Access Control - Trackunit

Know the exact location of all units on hire along with their current activity levels to help streamline equipment usage and reduce risk of theft or equipment misuse. Using GPS monitoring, maintaining complete control over access equipment on hire is readily available on PC or smart phone. Trackunit also helps ensure only authorised personnel can operate the access equipment they are trained to use, improving site safety.