Site Electrics & Power

Distribution Boxes and Boards

Ideal for increasing the number of electrical outlet sockets, these distribution boxes are adequate to suit your needs. Distribution boxes available from 16A 4-outlet to 32A 8-outlet.

Junction and Splitter Boxes

These tough, reliable power distribution sources allow 4 x 16A and 6 x 32A applications to be connected at any time. Made from specially designed materials for additional strength they are the perfect power source for on site applications.

Single Phase Site Transformers

Suitable for site power management with the facility of 16/32 amp outlets. Transforming 240V to 110V, transformers should be connected as close as possible to the mains/ generator power supply. These are available in both 5kVA and 10kVA models, all producing 110V outlet power.

Single Phase Portable Transformers

Portable power tool transformers in various sizes ranging from 2kVA to 3kVA which are designed for intermittent use to suit your equipment.

Three Phase Site Transformers

These multiple outlet site transformers are available in 3 phase format and will suit the application that they are required for.

IP44 Extension Leads

110V Extension leads constructed with high quality splash proof (IP44 rated) materials complete with plug and connectors.

On-board Generators

Our on-board generators come as standard on our range of diesel
scissor lifts and diesel booms, also known as ‘power to basket’, it’s ideal for operators that use hand held power tools for various working at height tasks. Utilising on-board generators significantly increases safety due to no trailing leads around the equipment.