Custom-built asset monitoring and theft recovery system provided to our customers.

A-Trak and Cesar equipment theft solutions by A-Plant Powered Access

Equipment Theft Solutions

At A-Plant, we take equipment security very seriously; and we do all we can to ensure that the equipment you hire from us has the very latest security technology fitted, helping to avoid the cost and inconvenience associated with plant theft which is a major problem in the UK.

With almost £100 million of plant stolen from construction sites each year, plant is more likely to be stolen than ordinary vehicles. Hiring equipment with fitted anti-theft devices can significantly reduce your insurance premiums.

The majority of our new plant equipment, such as compressors, dumpers, mini-excavators, telehandlers and generators, comes with A-Trak fitted. Currently, over 7,000 pieces of equipment are fitted with A-Trak.

A-Trak is an innovative GPS satellite tracking system and fleet management tool (created by security specialists Enigma Telematics), that helps you avoid plant theft and have complete control over your hired equipment. Using our Extranet system, you can see online exactly where every piece of equipment is located, and gather 5,000 critical pieces of information.

Features and Benefits

  • Remote immobilisation - You can arm or disarm the equipment from your mobile phone
  • Geo and poly zones - You can create a ‘virtual fence’ around the equipment and, if the machine leaves that zone, you’ll instantly receive an e-mail or text
  • The fuel and battery levels, and engine and ignition state, can be monitored online 24/7. You can generate an aerial photograph of your site, including a map tracing the movement of the equipment
  • 95% of stolen plant fitted with A-Trak has been recovered. The industry average is only 5%!